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ClimateWorks Foundation and Ocean Visions seek to award up to two, 18-month grants to evaluate the effectiveness and environmental impacts of ocean-based carbon dioxide removal (CDR) approaches via the study of field-based analogues. Ocean-based CDR analogues are defined as marine settings that remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere via processes that could theoretically be replicated, accelerated, and scaled. The grant size of a project proposal should not exceed $220,000. However, if there is a compelling reason for this RFP to support one large project (up to $440,000), applicants are invited to make that case in their proposal form. Projects should identify a field-based ocean CDR analogue and: (1) Quantify atmospheric CO2 flux into the ocean, and (2) Evaluate environmental co-benefits and environmental risks of the process that removes CO2 from surface waters.

​Acoustic transmitter grant

We are pleased to announce the call for applications for an acoustic transmitter grant, funded by Save Our Seas Foundation and administered by the Acoustic Tracking Array Platform (ATAP), the value of which is US$ 7 000. The grant is for the sole purpose of purchasing acoustic transmitters, and will not cover running costs or the purchase of any capital equipment. The transmitters must be used in an elasmobranch (shark, skates, rays, chimaeras) study, within the ATAP array. Applications are to be emailed to and close on 03 September 2021. Please feel free to get in touch with ATAP should you have any queries.


 NRF Funding Calls

Announcement of NRF One Call for Proposals 2021/2022