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Marine and Coastal Educators Network​

 A Group of SANCOR

Anyone who teaches others, adults or children, about the sea or the coast is involved in marine and coastal education. This includes teachers involved in formal education, educators at aquariums, educators and managers in conservation agencies, private educators, marine scientists running awareness programmes, educators in non-government organisations and those working for the government, amongst others.

Who is MCEN?

MCEN stands for the National Marine and Coastal Educators Network (MCEN). The network was formed in 1998 under the auspices of our national research body, the South African Network for Coastal and Oceanic Research (SANCOR). The Network functions as the co-ordinating body for marine education in South Africa. The MCEN is an informal network, the aim being to assist marine educators in their activities, facilitate collaboration between educators, to help co-ordinate national marine education initiatives and to identify future opportunities for marine education in South Africa. The formation of MCEN was a great step forward as, prior to 1998, marine educators did not formally communicate with each other resulting in a very fragmented approach to marine education.
Chairperson: Mr Arno Munro -
MCEN aims:
  • To help identify future opportunities for marine education in South Africa
  • To facilitate collaboration between educators
  • To assist marine educators in their activities
  • To help bridge the gap between marine scientists, resource managers and the public at large


Previous Co-ordinating Groups