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4th International School in Marine Biology 26 Jan 2020 1 Feb 2020 Henties Bay, Namibia
Future Earth Southern African Regional Stakeholder Platform13 Feb 202014 Feb 2020Pretoria
Ocean Sciences Meeting 202016 Feb 202021 Feb 2020San Diego, California
World Biodiversity Forum23 Feb 202028 Feb 2020Davos, Switzerland
Nansen Tutu Centre 10th Anniversary Symposium: Ocean, weather and climate, science to the service of society10 Mar 202012 Mar 2020Cape Town
International Indian Ocean Science Conference(IIOSC)-2020 16 Mar 202020 Mar 2020Goa, India
2nd International Conference of the African Marine Waste Network20 Apr 202024 Apr 2020Port Elizabeth
GlobalHAB Workshop on Modeling and Prediction of Harmful Algal Blooms18 May 2020 21 May 2020 Glasgow, UK
Marine Microbes Gordon Research Seminar on Integrative Microbial Oceanography23 May 2020 24 May 2020 Les Diablerets, Switzerland
Marine Microbes Gordon Research Seminar on The Interconnected Microbial Ocean24 May 202029 May 2020Les Diablerets, Switzerland
Marine Socio-Ecological Systems (MSEAS)25 May 202029 May 2020Yokohama, Japan
14th International Conference on Copepoda14 Jun 202019 Jun 2020Kruger National Park
Advances in Marine Ecosystem Modelling Research13 Jul 202016 Jul 2020Plymouth, UK
23rd International Congress of Zoology19 Jul 202024 Jul 2020Cape Town
6th International Marine Conservation Congress24 Aug 202027 Aug 2020Kiel, Germany
5th International Symposium on the Ocean in a High-CO2 World7 Sep 202010 Sep 2020Lima, Perú
ICES Annual Science Conference7 Sep 202010 Sep 2020Copenhagen, Denmark