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These seminars are held to stimulate interaction and promote the exchange of information on regional, national and international developments in marine and coastal research. If you would like to recommend a speaker, please contact the secretariat by e-mail: or tel: (021) 402 3536. These are open lectures and everybody is welcome to attend.
Speaker Topic Date Time Venue Host
Mr Ben Loveday
Oceanography Department, University of Cape Town
Disentangling the link between the Agulhas Current and Agulhas Leakage Mon, 21 Jan 13h00 Oceanography Seminar Room, UCT MA-RE SANCOR
Ms Philile Mbatha
Environmental Evaluation Unit, University of Cape Town
Sharing Benefits from Coastal Resources with Rural Communities in South Africa:
The Influence of institutional arrangements
Mon, 28 Jan 13h00 Fisheries Research Seminar Room
5th Floor, Foretrust Building, Cape Town
Dr Annette Samuelsen
Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center in Bergen, Norway
Modelling mesoscale eddies-ecosystem interactions in the Lofoten basin Mon, 4 Feb 13h00 Oceanography Seminar Room, UCT MA-RE SANCOR
Dr Julie Deshayes
Oceanic hindcast simulations at high resolution suggest that the Atlantic MOC is bistable. Mon, 18 Feb 13h00 Oceanography Seminar Room, UCT MA-RE SANCOR
Dr Ken Findlay
Mammal Research Institute Whale Unit, University of Pretoria
Southern African Cetacea - Diversity, Status, Threats and Management Mon, 25 Feb 13h00 Kirstenbosch Seminar Room, Kirstenbosch Research Centre Kirstenbosch Seminar SANBI
Dr Bram Buscher
Environment and Sustainable Development, International Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University - Leading scholar on Neo-liberal conservation
Theorizing the impact of New Media on the Commodification of Conservation in Africa
Mon, 25 Feb 13h00 Sociology Seminar Room, UCT
UCT Sociology Department
Mr Marcello Passaro
National Oceanography Centre, Southhampton, UK
Satellite coastal altimetry and its application along the South African coast Wed, 6 Mar 13h00 Oceanography Seminar Room, UCT MA-RE SANCOR
Prof Michael Cherry
Department of Botany and Zoology, Stellenbosch University
When scientific research becomes political - some South African examples Mon, 11 Mar 13h00-14h30 HUMA Seminar Room, Humanities Graduate Building, UCT Upper Campus HUMA
Mr Mark Botha
Independent advisor
Conservation Strategy Tactics & Insight
​Securing biodiversity through new funding streams Wed, 13 Mar​ ​12h00 ​Cape Research Centre Hall, Tokai ​CRC
​Dr Margit Wilhelm
Department of Biological Sciences, Marine Biology Research Centre, UCT
​​Namibian hake growth and otolith zone formation ‘fur seals as sampling tools’ – ecological and fisheries management applications. ​Thu, 14 Mar ​​13h00 ​​Museum on the 4th Floor of the John Day Building, Upper Campus, UCT ​UCT Biological Sciences

​Dr Olivier Maury
IRD (Institut de Recherche pour le Développement), France 

​Climate change effects on global oceanic communities using an OGBM (Ocean General Biodiversity Model). ​Mon, 15 Apr ​13h00 ​Oceanography Seminar Room, UCT ​MA-RE SANCOR
​Prof Lesley Green 
Department of Anthropology, UCT
​Parliaments, Nature, and Science Studies in the South ​Mon, 15 Apr 13h00 ​HUMA Seminar Room, 4th Floor, Humanities Building, Upper Campus UCT ​HUMA
Dr Milena Arias-Schreiber
Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Ecology (ZMT), Bremen
​Institutions for sustainable fisheries and climate change adaptation – the case of the commercial Peruvian anchovy fisheries ​Fri, 19 Apr ​13h00 ​Davies Reading Room 2.27, Environmental and Geographical Science Building, UCT Upper Campus UCT ​UCT Environmental Evaluation Unit (EEU)

Dr Ryan Johnson
Marine Biologist and CEO of Oceans Research
Ms Charlene da Silva
Marine scientist in charge of shark research with the Department of Forestry and Fisheries, Director and Scientific advisor at South African Shark Conservancy

​Great White Sharks, what is there to fear? Looking at how threatening Great White Sharks really are and what they have to fear from us.


Shark Fisheries and Sustainability in South Africa

​​Fri, 19 Apr ​19h00 ​Arts Block, Lecture Theatre 100, UCT Upper Campus ​UCT Underwater Club

Mr Gregg Oelofse
Head of Environmental Policy and Strategy for the City of Cape Town


Ms Ernesta Swanepoel
International Environmental Law Specialist

Challenges and Opportunities of a diverse and rich marine environment occurring alongside a populated urban environment.
Oceans and Climate Change, Ocean Acidification, Bleaching of Coral Reefs, The international framework and mitigation options.
Wed, ​​24 Apr ​19h00 ​Arts Block, Lecture Theatre 100, UCT Upper Campus ​UCT Underwater Club
Mrs Andrea Ross-Gillespie
Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, UCT
​Exploration of possible stock-structure and movement of the
Southern Hemisphere humpback whales off the African coasts
​Mon, 6 May ​13h00 ​Oceanography Seminar Room, UCT ​MA-RE SANCOR
Dr Akihiko Tanaka
President, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
​TICAD V: Changing Africa and Challenges for Japan ​​Wed, 8 May ​15h30 ​Southern Sun, Cape Town ​The University of Stellenbosch, the Embassy of Japan and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
Prof Mike Bruton
​'Finding Old Four Legs’
Illustrated talk commemorating the 75th anniversary of the capture of the first coelacanth
​​Wed, 8 May ​18h30 ​Metropolitan Health Group Think Tank, Two Oceans Aquarium, Cape Town ​Two Oceans Aquarium
​​Dr Maria Hauck
UCT Environmental Evaluation Unit
​​​Non-compliance in Fisheries: a Socio-Political Perspective ​​Wed, 8 May ​19h00 ​Arts Block, Lecture Theatre 100, UCT Upper Campus ​​UCT Underwater Club
Dr Eva Bucciarelli
University of Brest, France
​How the effects of iron limitation on the cellular composition of diatoms may affect the climate system ​​Mon, 13 May ​13h00 ​UCT Oceanography Seminar Room ​MA-RE SANCOR
Ms Wisaal Osman
WWF Sustainable Fisheries Programme
Mr Michael Marriott
Marine Stewardship Council
​If you're eating seafood, do you know what you're catching?
MSC - What's in an eco-label?
​Wed, 15 May ​19h00 ​UCT Upper Campus, Arts Block, Lecture Theatre 100 ​UCT Underwater Club
​Dr Stephen Lamberth
Inshore Resources Research, Branch Fisheries, Department Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries
​Hypotheses and circumstance –
climate change responses of estuarine and inshore fish and fisheries
​Mon, 20 May ​13h00 ​Fisheries Research Seminar Room, 5th Floor, Foretrust Building ​MA-RE SANCOR
​Prof Tony Leiman
UCT School of Economics
​The potential for (and economic limits facing) the use of South African anchovy for human consumption ​Mon, 3 Jun ​13h00 ​Oceanography Seminar Room, UCT ​MA-RE SANCOR
Mr Nicholas Carlile
Research Scientist
Threatened Fauna Ecology
Office of Environment and Heritage, Australia
​How can we manage it if we don't know what's there: Seabird island surveys of the Lord Howe Group giving essential knowledge at minimal costs. ​Thur, 13 Jun ​13h00 ​Oceanography Seminar Room, UCT ​MA-RE SANCOR
M​r Sobahle Somhlabe 
Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
​Standardization of catch indices for hake long line fishery taking into account various related issues in the process ​Mon, 15 Jul ​13h00 ​Fisheries Research Seminar Room, 5th Floor, Foretrust Building ​MA-RE SANCOR
Ms Yonss Jose
IRD, France
​Mesoscale eddy-induced biogeochemical dynamics in the Mozambique Channel ​Mon, 22 Jul ​13h00 ​​Oceanography Seminar Room, UCT
Dr Ryan Rykaczewski
University of South Carolina (USA)
​The potential influence of wind-stress curl on ecosystem structure in the California Current upwelling system ​Wed, 24 Jul ​13h00 ​Oceanography Seminar Room, UCT MA-RE
​Dr Ryan Rykaczewski
University of South Carolina (USA)
Consequences of large-scale climate change on the nutrients supplied to upwelling ecosystems
​Mon, 29 Jul ​13h00 ​Oceanography Seminar Room, UCT ​MA-RE
Dr Robert Huddy
Centre for Bioprocess Engineering Research, UCT​​
​Molecular characterisation of a Vibrio midae SY9 extracellular protease and its role in the previously observed probiotic effect on the growth of Haliotis midae ​Mon, 5 Aug ​13h00 ​Oceanography Seminar Room, UCT ​MA-RE SANCOR
Dr Alison Kock
Shark Spotters
​Behavioural ecology of white sharks in False Bay, South Africa - Towards improved management of a threatened species ​Tue, 6 Aug ​12h00 ​Cape Research Centre Hall, Tokai ​CRC
​Dr Seb Swart
Southern Ocean Carbon and Climate Observatory, CSIR
​The Southern Ocean Observing System ​Mon, 19 Aug ​13h00 ​Oceanography Seminar Room, UCT ​MA-RE SANCOR

Dr Grant Pitcher
Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

The dynamics of oxygen starved coastal waters of the southern Benguela upwelling system ​Mon, 26 Aug ​13h00 ​​Oceanography Seminar Room, UCT ​​MA-RE SANCOR
​Prof Steve Hawkins
National Oceanography Centre and Dean of Faculty of Science, Southampton University, UK 
​Long term responses to climate change in marine and coastal ecosystems ​Tue, 27 Aug ​13h00
​Oceanography Seminar Room, UCT
UCT Biological Sciences
Mr Eugene Bergh
Invertebrate Palaeontology and Geology, Iziko SA Museum 
​Forams: Taking a closer look ​Wed, 28 Aug ​11h00 ​T H Barry Lecture Theatre, Iziko SA Museum Iziko ​Iziko

Dr Pierre Durand
Molecular Medicine and Haematology,  University of the Witwatersrand

​Ecology and evolution of programmed cell death in the microbial world ​Mon, 2 Sep ​13h00 ​Oceanography Seminar Room, UCT ​​​MA-RE SANCOR
Dr Amelia Reddy
Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, UCT
​Characterisation of the effect of stress on nitrogen metabolism in the commercially important agarophyte Gracilaria gracilis ​Mon, 9 Sep ​13h00 ​Oceanography Seminar Room, UCT ​MA-RE SANCOR
Dr Ander M. de Lecea
Earth and Environmental Sciences,
University of KwaZulu-Natal
​What drives the ecosystem of the KwaZulu-Natal Bight? Processes controlling the marine ecosystem of a mesotrophic bight revealed by stable isotope and C:N ratio analyses ​Mon, 7 Oct ​13h00 ​​Oceanography Seminar Room, UCT ​MA-RE SANCOR
Prof Colin Attwood
Department of Biological Sciences, University of Cape Town 
​Marine Protected Areas: Impediments to offshore expansion ​Mon, 7 Oct ​18h30 for 19h00
​Iziko South African Museum, 25 Queen Victoria Street, Cape Town ​Save Our Seabirds Festival
RSVP here
Dr Carl van der Lingen
Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, BioSci UCT
​​Examining population structure in Benguela sardine Sardinops sagax using a parasite bio-tag ​Wed, 9 Oct 13h00 HW Pearson Building 3.04, UCT Department of Biological Sciences, UCT
Prof George Branch
University of Cape Town 
​Ecosystem effects of the things we eat: from benthos to birds ​Wed, 9 Oct ​18h30 for 19h00 ​Iziko South African Museum, 25 Queen Victoria Street, Cape Town ​Save Our Seabirds Festival
RSVP here
Mr Mike Gunton
Creative Director of the BBC Natural History Unit 
​The Making of Africa: The secrets of a Natural History blockbuster ​Fri, 11 Oct ​18h30 for 19h00 ​Iziko South African Museum, 25 Queen Victoria Street, Cape Town ​Save Our Seabirds Festival
RSVP here
​Dr Ainhoa Lezama-Ochoa
IRD, France
​Acoustic study of macrozooplankton in the Bay of Biscay: spatial distribution, interactions and impact of environmental forcing ​Mon, 14 Oct ​13h00 ​Fisheries Research Seminar Room, Foretrust Building ​​MA-RE SANCOR
​Dr David Gremillet
CNRS, France
​The president birds: designing Marine Protected Areas in the French Mediterranean ​Mon, 21 Oct ​13h00 ​Niven Library - UCT Percy FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology ​FitzPatrick institute
Dr Natalie Burls
Department of Geology and Geophysics
Yale University
​Was El Niño once a norm, rather than a perturbation? ​Wed, 23 Oct ​15h00 ​Oceanography Seminar Room, UCT ​ACCESS and Paleosciences COE
Prof Doug Butterworth
UCT Department of Mathematics & Applied Mathematics
​Factoring Uncertainty into Fisheries Management Advice – have Fisheries Scientists got their Act together? ​Thu, 24 Oct ​16h00 ​UCT Mathematics Building, Room M304 ​UCT Maths Dept
Miss Sarah Nicholson
Department of Oceanography, UCT   
​Seasonal cycle of primary productivity in the Southern Ocean: sub-mesoscale dynamics and sub-seasonal forcing ​Mon, 28 Oct ​13h00 ​Oceanography Seminar Room, UCT ​MA-RE SANCOR
Dr Jonathan Durgadoo
Department of Oceanography, UCT 
​Control of the Southern Hemisphere westerlies on Agulhas leakage. ​Fri, 1 Nov ​13h00 ​Oceanography Seminar Room, UCT ​MA-RE SANCOR

Mr Kyle Cooper​
Department of Oceanography, UCT

​Developing key performance indicators for global operational ocean models for the Agulhas system ​Mon, 4 Nov ​13h00 ​Oceanography Seminar Room, UCT ​MA-RE SANCOR
Dr Michael W. Douglas
Cooperative Institute for Research in Mesoscale Meteorology and University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK, USA
​A comparison of some different and new satellite-based climatologies for application to ecology, biogeography and conservation biology ​Tue, 12 November ​12h00 ​Oceanography Seminar Room, UCT ​MA-RE SANCOR
Prof Mike Davies-Coleman
Dean of Natural Sciences and Professor of Chemistry at the University of the Western Cape
​The Tide is Turning – a Renaissance in Marine Natural Products Research ​Wed, 13 Nov ​16h30 ​LT3, PD Hahn Building, UCT ​Royal Society of Chemistry, SA
​Dr Eric Machu
IRD/LPO, France
​Downscaling biogeochemistry in the Benguela Eastern Boundary Current ​Mon, 18 Nov ​13h00 ​Oceanography Seminar Room, UCT ​Oceanography Seminar Room, UCT
Dr Declan Schroeder
Marine Biological Association, UK   
​tba ​Mon, 2 Dec ​13h00 ​​Oceanography Seminar Room, UCT ​MA-RE SANCOR
Prof Anthony Richardson
University of Queensland & CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research, Australia
​Climate change and marine life: a global meta-analysis and expectations ​Thu, 5 Dec ​13h00 ​Oceanography Seminar Room, UCT ​​MA-RE SANCOR
Prof Anthony Richardson
University of Queensland & CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research, Australia
​An Australian Plankton Observing System: design, research outputs and challenges. ​Tue, 10 Dec ​13h00 ​Fisheries Seminar Room, Foretrusr Building ​Foretrust Building
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