Student Opportunities


A list of training opportunities for early and mid-career professionals in fields relating to marine science. For internship and postdoctoral opportunities, please have a look at the Vacancies page.
On behalf of the UN Ocean Decade Early Career Ocean Professionals (ECOP) community, we were hoping that you could share the following Google Form​ for people who are interested in joining the South Africa ECOP Node. This is for people to share their ideas and wishes for the formation of the Node, to find a suitable date for our first General Meeting in early December, for people to show interest in leadership roles, and to develop a joint vision for the Node. Here is also an invitation link​ to the South Africa ECOP Whatsapp group.​ No closing date.​
UN Ocean Decade Early Career Ocean Professionals11/30/2023
The project aims to model and identify the distribution of seabirds and marine mammals in the subtropical and subantarctic zones of the southern Indian Ocean. The information will be used to reveal ecosystem processes and patterns in the region and support spatial conservation and management initiatives.
University of Southampton, UK1/3/2024